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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Luggage lockers in Disneyland

Itinerary suggestions / luggage lockers in Disneyland for a 4 days - 3 nights HK vacation.

by nancy

We'll be coming to Hongkong for a 4 days and 3 nights stay on August 25-28.

We're planning to have our itinerary as follows:

Day 1 - Arrival at 8am;
Disneyland - day; Victoria Peak/Madame Tussauds' Museum - afternoon til night.

Day 2 - Ocean park - day;
Symphony of Lights / Avenue of stars - afternoon til night.

Day 3 - open for suggestions; maybe Ladies' market / Hongkong museums/ Stanley bay.

Day 4 - Macau;
We'll be exiting from here back to the Philippines - our trip will be at 10pm at night.

My questions are:
1.Are there luggage lockers in Disneyland? Upon arrival, we're planning to have breakfast at the airport then head straight to Disneyland. We'll have about 1 backpack each. is there any place we can leave our bags while going around Disneyland, or is it more advisable to check in at the hotel first then head back to Disneyland.
We thought of heading straight to Disneyland as it may save us some commuting expenses (no need to go back and forth from the hotel).

2.Will there be places to leave our bags in Macau as well?
Our plan is to check out early on the 28th and then spend the whole day in Macau, our flight won't be until 10pm at night, anyway. So, we're wondering if we can just leave our bags somewhere so we don't bring it while we're touring around.

3.What would be a less costly way to travel around? To get the Octopus card or just commute independently? What are the inclusions of the Octopus card.

Thank you for spending your time in answering all our queries.
This is absolutely a great website for new & experienced travelers.

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Itinerary suggestions / luggage lockers in Disneyland for a 4 days - 3 nights HK vacation.

Apr 06, 2011
Re: Itinerary suggestions / luggage lockers in Disneyland for a 4 days - 3 nights HK vacation.
by: HKinsider Don

Going straight to Disneyland from the airport (click the link to see detailed information for options in getting there) is ideal and recommended as these places are located right at the same island (Lantau).

Yes, there are luggage lockers for rent available at HK Disneyland.

Another place that you can rent luggage lockers is at Citygate Outlets in Tung Chung (Tung Chung MTR station Exit C or D) just two stations away from HK Disneyland MTR station. Big size storage lockers has a dimension of 22 X 31 X 35 inches (LWH) that cost HK$20 per two hours while the small size storage lockers has a dimension of 15 X 31 X 15 inches (LWH) that cost HK$10 per two hours.

Using an Octopus Card when traveling around HK is a great advantage. You'll get discounts on fares, hassle free, very efficient and so easy to use. Therefore you must get it right at the airport upon exit from HK immigration.

About Macau, I'll post it later in this thread.

Apr 11, 2011
by: Nancy

Thank You so much for all the information!

Do you have any idea how much the luggage lockers are at Disneyland?

I'll be waiting for your reply about Macau.

Good day! Getting more excited with the HK trip. :)

Apr 27, 2011
Re: Itinerary suggestions / luggage lockers in Disneyland for a 4 days - 3 nights HK vacation.
by: HKinsider Don

The luggage lockers located in Main Street, U.S.A. inside Disneyland park that is available for rental are at HK$60 for big size (LWH = 23" X 16.5" X 14.5") and HK$40 for small size (LWH = 11" X 11" X 17") and it is good for 1 day or 1 single visit at the park.

Also, there is a luggage booth near the park's entrance at left side before getting inside Disneyland which you can stow any size of luggage at HK$60 and also, NO time limit for that single day or until you picked it up when you leave the park.

While in Macau. If you think you can carry along your things with your backpacks when touring around Macau then I would not suggest to leave it somewhere else as there's always a risk in doing so.

But in case you think that it would be too much to carry along then I would recommend that you book a single hostel room for a day just to have a place where you can leave your things just do not forget to bring along your passports and other valuables.

Please follow this link where you can read for our hostel recommendation in Macau.

Apr 27, 2011
by: Nancy

Thank you so much HKInsider Don for the info!

really appreciate it. :)

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