Question by Ari T
: how much does it cost in total to visit disneyland tokyo?

Family is planning a trip but can’t decide between Tokyo Disneyland or Adventures by Disney trip to Germany. I’m pushing to Germany because it’s 9days and a full tour but I push to Japan because its…Japan. xD

I tried to figure out in total (just a rounding not exact) it would be to go to Japan’s Disneyland (Perhaps Disneysea too) for like 5 days but haven’t had much luck.

Anybody who has visited tokyo disney, would you please tell me about how much money you spent in total? also include the hotel, type of room, how many days, and people and ages of people.

Because I know the ticket prices and stuff, I just have to book a room but I dont know where it would be cheaper but a nice disney hotel still and plus plane prices and such.

Not too mention how much money to bring for gift shops and dining.

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Answer by solo lobo
Tokyo is very expensive !

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